Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Our first visit to the Life Education truck to see Anne and Harold

Anne taught us all about what our body needs. She asked us to surprise our parents by jumping into bed on our own at 7pm before anyone asks. When we go to bed our bodies get lots of time to grow while we were sleeping. I wonder if any children in Room 18 gave their Mums and Dads a fright?! 

Then we got to me Harold! He said we can go visit him again next week. We are so excited! 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Week 8 in Room 18

This week we read the book 'Mix it Up'. Then we had a go at mixing colours to make new ones. We tried to create our own art with the colours we mixed. 

Take a look!

Here are some of the children doing a play for Room 18 called 'Chicken Licken'

Monday, 13 June 2016

Blast off!

On Monday we made rockets that we could make fly in the air! 

First we had to colour them in carefully. Then we neatly cut them out. 

Blast off! 

We talked about how we could make our breath push the rockets into the air. First we tried making them fly with one straw but that didn't work because the air just escaped out the top! Next we tried adding another straw with tape on the end so that the air could build up and push the rocket off. It worked! 

Week 6 in Room 18

Some photos of discovery happening in Room 18. Look at the great night sky art the children created. 

We were lucky to get another visit from Miss Maclow's an her baby Isla this week. She wanted to show us how she could crawl! We were very excited for her. Next week we are going to do some writing about Isla. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Friday free choice learning

This Friday the children had some time to do free choice learning. They could read, write, make tally charts or finish their planets and the sun crown. They had lots of fun doing what they enjoy and sharing their learning with the class.

The children making their tally charts. What is the most popular treat in Room 18?

Savannah creating her crown with the planets in order from the sun

Sam writing a story about the night sky.

Emily doing some reading

Millie sharing her tally chart. Dogs were the most popular animal in room 18.

Gabriella's was about treats. She put hers in order from first to last. 

Dylan's was about treats to. Ice cream is popular!

Here we are sharing our learning with a buddy. 

Room 18 with their planet crowns.